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Balsa Butted Tubes

Balsa, a business founded in Australia and now based in Surrey, was established in 2016. Born out of a passion for whole foods and understanding the human body, the company has evolved to curate handcrafted recipes.

Balsa specialises in natural sweet balls, utilising the power of plants to provide energy and nutrients, all while delivering an exceptional taste experience. Their offerings include three flavours: Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Pistachio Matcha. To complement their products, Balsa sought uniquely printed butted tubes designed to perfectly fit their Balsa Balls.


Custom Food-Grade Tubes

The Balsa Ball tubes are designed with food safety in mind, featuring a grease-proof lining and black internal caps to ensure the contents remain securely sealed inside. Additionally, the tubes are constructed with butted ends and rolled edges for added durability.

With internal dimensions measuring 205mm in height and 43mm in diameter, and external dimensions of 215mm in height and 47mm in diameter, these custom tubes provide ample space for various food items. The lids have a height of 44mm, further enhancing the security of the contents.

Whether used for packaging snacks, spices, or other food products, these Balsa Ball tubes offer both functionality and peace of mind for consumers concerned about the safety of their food packaging.

Custom Food-Grade Tubes

Printed Spigot

The printing process utilised CYMK colours and was complemented by a matt laminated finish. Similarly, the spigot was also adorned with a CYMK print, strategically exposed to create a vibrant contrast against the predominantly black background.

Furthermore, the spigot was internally rolled, enhancing its overall aesthetics. The final outcome was truly impressive; we were particularly captivated by the striking interplay between the elegant black base and the vivid bursts of colour meticulously applied throughout.

- Spigot diameter: 52mm
- Exposed spigot length: 8mm

Printed Spigot

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Maison Macolat

Magellan produced 290mm x 76mm luxury branded butted tubes with gold foiling for Maison Macolat.

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