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Branding Options & Extra's

We understand how important designing and marketing your bespoke printed tubes can be, so we want to give our clients the best chance at standing out from the crowd. With packaging you need to consider every aspect of it from start to finish including those finishing touches. Being colourful, subtle, adding ribbons, sparkle or anything else, we want to help you bring your vision to life. 

Below is our list of everything you can choose from to be considered for your final branded tubes to create the most unique designs. We're here to help with any tube recommendations you need. Reach out to us for questions or inquiries today!

Tube Finishing's

Full CMYK Print

Using CMYK print means that we can keep all of your print products looking perfectly consistent throughout the print run. It produces high quality prints and with us, you have the chance to produce any design or print to cover the whole presentation tube. CMYK print creates an eye-catching full-colour artwork print, whether its just a simple logo or complex design.

Printing costs are often similar no matter how many colours you choose or how complex the design may be, but contact us to find out more specifics about this.

If you are wanting a more custom printed Eco-Tube, then we do have the option of having soy ink instead of CMYK print so that it is then fully 100% recyclable.

Full CMYK Print

Printed Inner Spigot

An added bonus which we have fallen in love with doing is our printed inner spigots. The inner spigot is the part of the tube you are presented with once you have taken the lid off.
Having this printed with a design of your choice can make the tube have that extra WOW factor and give your customers and clients more to talk about.

The lid on your branded tube can be made shorter so that you can see the printed inner spigot that will be done using full CMYK print. Make your customers want to open the product even more by adding this intriguing extra design.

Printed Inner Spigot

Foil stamping

Foil stamping can make your tube packaging go from great to luxurious with its eye-catching sparkle. This branding option will help you stand out from the competition and is definitely one of our most popular design choices. We do have various foil colour options, with our most used being gold and silver.

Company's usually pick foil stamping for their text or logo's as it catches the customers attention. Using your logo with a foiled design can make it more memorable and give a VIP finish.

Foil Stamping

Spot UV

Spot UV is such a unique finishing technique to add to your custom printed tubes, especially if your tube is darker as it makes your design stand out a lot more. Spot UV can be applied to any colour, no matter how light or dark it is, and we recommend using a matt laminated finish to further allow the effect to stand out even more.

It is a fantastic finishing technique where a layer of UV gloss is applied, bound with heat to our tubes and dried under a UV light. You have the choice of either raising your spot UV or having it flat, it all depends on how much gloss is added.

Spot UV

Matt Lamination

Having a lamination for your cardboard tube packaging can create a lavish finish with that extra protection providing a tight seal and keeping the tube from getting dirty.

A matt lamination provides an elegant and more sophisticated finish, with that natural look and softer look. Matt lamination isn't just easy on the eye but has a soft, velvety touch which creates a nice feel and is pleasant to handle.

This is perfect for dark or intense colour due to there being no reflective qualities on the tube. The colours stay to their truest forms and also looks great with Spot UV and Foil stamping finishes.

Matt Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Both matt and gloss laminations are extremely popular. Clients tend to choose gloss if they have a vibrant design consisting of small and intricate details/text and is helps preserve the quality of print and makes everything including the smallest details shine.

Our laminations provide enhanced durability, damage protection, improved appearance, with our printed cardboard tubes being easy to read. Lamination is reasonably priced and can actually save money by extending the life of print pieces and avoiding the need to reprint damaged ones.

Gloss Lamination

Lid Decoration

Lid decorations don't have to be added but it can give your packaging that beautiful or even quirky and unique feel that represents your brand. Why not try adding our all time favourite iconic ribbon bow.

Lid decorations can also add to generating impulse purchases for retail packaging as they bring a unique shape and style that they might like the look of. They can bring that premium feel to a simplistic tube design.

Lid Decoration

Coated & Uncoated Paper

Coated Paper offers sharp results with a glossy look to finish. It provides a slicker look and offer an excellent ink holdout. It's surface works well with any finishing's such as laminations, foil stamping, spot UV, etc. Coated paper resists dirt and moisture and requires less ink to print as it is not absorbent.

Uncoated paper is a standard finish here at Luxury Tube Packaging. It is paper that has not had any final adhesive layer applied, it is just finished by being cut to size. It's appearance and properties are determined by the natural characteristics of the materials. It does lack a shiny finish that many coated papers possess however there are many benefits to choosing this option. If you are going for a more Eco-Tube then using uncoated paper is the best option as it has no added coating making it 100% recyclable. The uncoated surface makes large amounts of text easier to read, write, engrave and print on. This paper helps images pop as the light reflects back through the ink.

Coated & Uncoated Paper

Cardboard Tubes

Cardboard tubes is the most recognised type of tubes that are completely eco-friendly and a fully recyclable material option. This is our most used high-quality tube option as it creates a rustic look with untreated material.

Cardboard can be used with any of our finishing's or added extras. It is a safe and thick material option, which is highly recommended for any heavy items clients may want to place inside.

Cardboard TUBES

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is an option that helps both you and us become more eco-friendly in the process. Kraft Tubes have more strength and paper material feature of Kraft paper, it is more protective and moisture resistant.

Brown Kraft Paper is commonly seen on cardboard tubes, both inside and out. It can give you an antique look or feeling with any added extra's/finishing's available apart from a lamination due to its surface.

Kraft Paper

Metal and Plastic Caps

Metal caps are a popular choice, especially with our Single Tubes, and are available in three colours; gold, silver and black. These caps can be personalised with printed logo's including an embossed/debossed logo option.

Metal caps do vary in size and can be placed at either the top or bottom of your branded tubes. Metal caps do have a large MOQ and with these, you have to keep in consideration that the diameter of them are only in certain sizes so you do have a limited diameter. Your tubes diameter will have to go off of the metal cap sizes we can offer. Magellan can assist you if you need help deciding on sizes or materials.

Plastic Caps do also come in a large MOQ like our metal caps. There are cost savings when choosing this particular cap as this is more readily available and easier for suppliers to work with.

We do have a wider range of colours for these, eith our most popular colour being white. The caps can be printed with your design or logo. Contact us to design your presentation tubes today!

Metal and Plastic Caps

Paper Caps  (Rolled/Unrolled Ends)

Our Paper Caps are made from the same material as our cardboard tubes with it being our most popular option of caps out of the three. They are our most eco-friendly option providing a natural, rustic look.

With these caps you have two choices, either to have rolled ends or unrolled ends. As you can see in the picture opposite, our rolled ends create a more smooth and aesthetically pleasing look that can also be printed on. This option also provides more protection as it helps to stop the paper from peeling and gives a better durable finish. Our unrolled ends are a cheaper option but does not give the same protection as our rolled end tubes do.


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