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Chiltern Firehouse 

Chiltern Firehouse is a renowned luxury hotel located in London. Known for its exceptional service, elegant ambiance, and celebrity clientele, the hotel has become a hotspot for travelers seeking a unique and upscale experience. In addition to its hospitality offerings, Chiltern Firehouse also prides itself on offering carefully curated souvenirs and products for guests to take home as mementos of their stay.

Client Needs: Chiltern Firehouse expanded their merchandise with luxury candles, aiming to enhance hotel room decor and offer guests desirable souvenirs. Seeking packaging that matched their upscale image, they tasked us with crafting custom branded butted tubes for their candles.

Chiltern Firehouse Butted Tubes

Luxury Tube Packaging

The project involved the creation of custom butted printed tubes to serve as packaging for Chiltern Firehouse's luxury candles. The tubes were designed to be both visually appealing and functional, providing a stylish container for the candles while also protecting them during transport and display. The specifications for the butted tubes were as follows:

  • Material: Uncoated paper
  • Printing: CMYK print with foiling, blind embossing on the lid
  • Additional Features: Red tassel and white sticker inside the lid
  • Internal Height of Lid: 70mm
  • Internal Height of Base (including spigot): 65mm
  • Spigot Showing: 25mm
  • Internal Diameter: 80mm
  • External Diameter (including rolled ends): 85mm
  • External Height (including rolled ends): 120mm
  • External Height (excluding rolled ends): 110mm
Luxury Tube Packaging

The Added Extra's

Solution Provided: Our team worked closely with Chiltern Firehouse to design and produce the custom butted tubes according to their specifications. We utilised high-quality uncoated paper to ensure a premium look and feel, while also incorporating CMYK printing, foiling, and blind embossing to add a touch of luxury to the packaging. The addition of the red tassel and white sticker inside the lid further enhanced the overall aesthetic and provided a cohesive branding experience for Chiltern Firehouse.

Outcome: The custom butted tubes provided by our company exceeded Chiltern Firehouse's expectations and seamlessly integrated with their brand identity. The packaging not only served as an attractive vessel for their luxury candles but also enhanced the overall presentation of the product, making it even more desirable to guests. As a result, Chiltern Firehouse was able to successfully introduce their candle line as a sought-after souvenir item, further solidifying their reputation as a premier destination for luxury hospitality.

The Added Extra's

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