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Palmarae Butted Tubes

Palmarae Gin is a luxury brand that "pairs with paradise" with its exclusive gin aimed at high-end cocktails; tey use a mix of fine botanicals and French distilling knowledge to create their distinctive gin. To complement this premium gin, they approached us for tube packaging that aligns with the elegance of their product while providing necessary protection, considering the gin is bottled in thick ceramic materials.

Understanding their need for sophisticated yet protective packaging, we focused on creating a design that not only enhances the gin's luxury appeal but also ensures its safety. The packaging had to be as refined as the gin itself, highlighting their commitment to quality and style, while also being sturdy enough to protect the ceramic bottles during transport.

palmarae butted tubes

Premium Drinks Packaging

The Palmarae Gin tubes were designed with luxury and safety in mind, using secure butted tube packaging with rolled ends to protect the gin. The tube size was chosen to be practical, measuring 370mm in height and 100mm in diameter, plus a 50mm tall lid.

We used high-quality 150gsm white kraft paper that's not coated, giving it a premium, natural feel, and added a copper foil logo to match the gin's luxury look. The inside parts of the tubes were also carefully made and printed, adding to the custom, high-end appearance of the packaging.

To encapsulate the essence of luxury, the finishing touches on the tubes included matt lamination, which not only adds to the visual appeal but also serves a practical purpose by preventing scratches. Foil stamping and embossing were applied to elevate the brand's logo and palm tree design, adding depth and sophistication to the packaging. These elements combined to create a truly elegant design, perfectly aligning with the premium nature of Palmarae Gin and enhancing the unboxing experience, making it as luxury as the gin.


Customisation Options

To enhance brand recognition and leverage the aesthetic appeal of their tube packaging, Palmarae Gin incorporated techniques like foil stamping and embossing to make their logo stand out. Foil stamping adds a luxurious touch, elevating the product's appearance and signaling its high-end status, while also being an environmentally friendly option. This method transforms the packaging into something that looks premium and eye-catching.

Embossing complements the foil stamping by adding a tactile dimension to the packaging. It involves raising certain areas of the design, such as the logo or specific patterns, creating a contrast against the kraft paper's texture. This customisation not only optimises the visual appeal but also engages the sense of touch, making the packaging more memorable to customers and recipients.

Together, these techniques contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic and perceived value of the product.

Printed Spigot

The End Result

The outcome of this project was exceptional tube packaging designed specifically for the premium drinks sector, particularly targeting high-end gin. Crafted with attention to detail, the packaging exudes a luxurious quality that aligns perfectly with Palmarae's brand identity and their gin, establishing it as the ideal choice for distribution to their customers. The printed tube packaging serves as a protective measure as well, ensuring the bottles inside remain undamaged. 

Similarly, this packaging has also become an effective marketing asset. Displaying the tubes on social media platforms sparks excitement and increases engagement, thereby extending Palmarae's reach to a broader audience. In essence, the tube packaging beautifully reflects the gin's elegance and the upscale image associated with the Palmarae brand.

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YouTube Video

Discover more by watching our YouTube video, where our Managing Director Lee showcases the intricate aspects of this luxurious butted tube project. This video gives you a real-life glimpse of the tube, including the embossing and foiling details. It also demonstrates how a butted tube works, providing a clear understanding for those unfamiliar with the mechanism.

Watch The Video Here!

youtube video

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