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RNLI Lifeboats Butted Tubes

When the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) sought a solution for fundraising and charity donations, they approached our company for custom branded tubes. These printed tubes needed to be both durable and versatile, serving as containers for branded merchandise initially and later repurposed for collecting charitable donations.

Our challenge was to create tubes that not only met RNLI's functional requirements but also reflected their branding and sustainability ethos.

RNLI Lifeboats Butted Tubes

Printed Cardboard Tubes

Our journey began with careful design, tailoring the tubes precisely to RNLI's needs. Using thick white cardboard, we crafted sturdy tubes with rolled ends for durability. We made sure to stick to the specified dimensions: H200mm x D130mm with a 75mm upper part.

By using advanced die-cut technology, we added a coin slot to the lid for easy donations. Each tube was printed in vibrant CMYK colours, proudly displaying RNLI's branding. To keep the contents safe, we included a small foam base in each tube for added protection and presentation.

Printed Cardboard Tubes

Branded Merchandise

The assembly phase epitomised precision and care as our team positioned branded t-shirts and keyrings within each tube. Attention to detail was paramount to ensure optimal presentation and protection of the merchandise. Upon filling, lids were securely attached, culminating in the completion of the assembly process.

Subsequently, each tube underwent thorough packaging and labeling, readying them for distribution to RNLI locations nationwide. These tubes stood poised as effective fundraising tools, primed to support RNLI's noble mission with grace and efficiency.

Branded Merchandise

Other Case Studies



Planet Superfood

Branded tubes for their protein bars and snacks; we crafted vibrant tubes, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and sustainability, and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future through partnership.
Eden Treats custom tube

EDEN Treats

EDEN Treats and Magellan produced branded butted tubes for their plant based liqueurs. These are being sold seperatley or placed inside hampers. 


Custom-printed tubes with grease-proof lining and strong build for their Balsa Balls, ensuring safety; with CMYK colours and matt lamination on black.

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