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Alcohol & Drinks Packaging

Magellan have helped produce some of the most refined drinks packaging for all types of businesses. No matter if its beers, wines, spirits or non-alcoholic drinks, we can cater to whatever type of drink you are promoting. We offer standout packaging solutions and here at Magellan, we provide luxury tube packaging at the best competitive prices to help market your brand.

You are not limited to one style of printed tube, we can recommend what branded tube option would be best for you depending on your desired outcome. Below are some examples of the drinks packaging we have already created to help give you any additional inspiration.

Alcohol & Drinks Packaging

EDEN Treats Butted Tubes

EDEN Treats approached us to produce four versions of our butted tubes to hold their new finest liqueurs. The four designs but all placed on the same sized custom tube. They initally tried sending their drinks out to customers but they kept on smashing so our main goal was to make sure that their drinks were fully protected and that the design matched their asthetics.

EDEN Treats are award winners for their hampers, each hamper had a theme so we both wanted to make sure that the packaging coordinated including adding gold foil detailing to fit with their logo. These cylinder cardboard tubes were made from recyclable materials with rolled ends to stop the paper from peeling and create a more unqiue and tidy design. CMYK print and matt lamination was added for that luxury bright feel.

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EDEN Treats Butted Tubes

Speaker Hoyle's

Renowned whiskey brand, Speaker Hoyle, aimed to convey sophistication and excellence through their packaging. They enlisted our expertise as a leading packaging manufacturer to create custom tubes for their 5cl and 70cl bottles, guaranteeing both protection and consistency. Employing precise design and printing techniques, we captured Speaker Hoyle's brand essence, enhancing it with gold foil accents and a matte varnish finish.

These customised cardboard tubes effortlessly marry elegance with practicality, enhancing both brand perception and customer experience. Our dedication to delivering innovative packaging solutions mirrors Speaker Hoyle's unwavering commitment to superior quality.

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Speaker Hoyle's Butted Tubes

Palmarae Gin Butted Tubes

Palmarae Gin is a luxury brand that "pairs with paradise" with its exclusive gin aimed at high-end cocktails; tey use a mix of fine botanicals and French distilling knowledge to create their distinctive gin. To complement this premium gin, they approached us for tube packaging that aligns with the elegance of their product while providing necessary protection, considering the gin is bottled in thick ceramic materials.

Understanding their need for sophisticated yet protective packaging, we focused on creating a design that not only enhances the gin's luxury appeal but also ensures its safety. The packaging had to be as refined as the gin itself, highlighting their commitment to quality and style, while also being sturdy enough to protect the ceramic bottles during transport.

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palmarae Gin Butted Tiubes

Drinks Tube Packaging


Ben Bracken

The Ben Bracken Small Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Tube boasts a simple yet elegant design, topped with a metal cap, offering whiskey enthusiasts a stylish and practical packaging solution.



McKinleys provides single-branded cocktail tubes that stand at 300mm tall, with a total length of 305mm (including caps). These tubes boast a diameter of 120mm and a sturdy thickness of 1.5mm.



The Georgian Wine Tube showcases a singular design accentuated by an embossed metal cap, adding an element of sophistication to wine presentation.


Celtic Renewables

We produced Celtic Renewable single tubes with metal caps, custom-designed for 70cl whiskey packaging. These tubes have internal dimensions measuring H307mm x D81mm and are embellished with CMYK printing and a matt varnish finish.


Miyu Tea

Miyu Tea provides a food-grade tube designed not only for tea storage but also to complement their cosmetic packaging.


Wright Brothers

The Half Shell Gin Tube showcases a unique marble-printed base and a gracefully understated top, all enclosed within a telescopic tube structure.


The Scalascaig

The Scalascaig Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Tube boasts a robust and fashionable design, crafted with superior quality, ensuring a dependable vessel for preserving your preferred whiskey.


The Seventh Duchess

The Seventh Duchess telescopic food-grade tubes are designed to store a variety of flavoured teas.


Trunk Bottle

Metal tubes customised with tapered edges and rounded ends, measuring H315mm x D90mm internally, showcasing a single solid colour and a white logo, completed with a matt laminate, specifically crafted to fit stainless steel bottles.


Brixton Distillery

Tailored cylindrical cardboard tubes with strengthened ends, designed to accommodate bottles around 217mm tall and 80mm wide, showcasing untreated brown kraft paper and CMYK printing for custom branding.



The premium packaging of Glenfiddich's single malt Scotch whiskey tube showcases a single-tube design complemented by an embossed metal cap.

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