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Candle Packaging

Magellan can help assist you with your candle and reed diffuser packaging. We offer 5 styles of tubes with our previously worked on examples below to give you some vision as to what type of presentation packaging you would like.

Offering you bespoke sizes to suit your scented products. Let us help you build your brands presence whether that's through the shelves in retail or as a PR marketing approach. Our bespoke cardboard tubes can be made to fit your product including making them food grade if the candle is placed straight inside the tube with no other packaging.

Candle Packaging

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse is an extraordinary hotel based in London in which they contacted us in need of some luxury tube packaging for their candles. These were being sold both online and in their small retail store within the hotel.

This is a good example of how you could create a unique design with distinguishing details by including our extras such as our red tassel on the lid. They ended up with such a sleek and modern design to incorporate into their business matching its aesthetic perfectly. This branded butted tube was finished with full CMYK print, uncoated paper, red foiling and blind embossing on the lid for that extra indulgent feel.

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Golf & Co Single Tubes

Golf & Co, a luxury candle brand, elevated their packaging with custom-branded single tubes adorned with metal end caps. The initial batch comprised 865 units of Orange Blossom, Fig, and Iris & Bergamot scents, each featuring silver aluminum covers intricately embossed/debossed with a single-colour logo. Following orders, varying in size and fragrance, retained the elegant design, underscoring the brand's dedication to quality.

In close collaboration with their packaging supplier, Golf & Co introduced two additional sets, ensuring their products stood out in the competitive luxury market with personalised branding and convenient storage options.

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Golf & Co SIngle Tubes

Wick and Tallow

Wick & Tallow, a prestigious luxury candle brand, enlisted our expertise to create custom-branded telescopic tubes for their exquisite candles. We tailored tubes with exact dimensions to snugly accommodate their candles, marrying functionality with their luxury brand image. Opting for a sophisticated black matte print with repeated SPOT UV finish, we captured Wick & Tallow's refined identity, offering both visual appeal and tactile satisfaction.

This packaging solution not only elevated the presentation of their candles but also underscored their dedication to quality, enhancing their brand presence in the market and leaving a memorable impression on customers.

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Wick and Tallow Telescopic Tubes

Candle and Fragrance Tubes


Bloom Remedies

We offer custom tubes with rounded ends, measuring 90mm in height and diameter internally. These tubes include full-color CMYK printing with a matte laminate finish and foil detailing at one location. You can choose two different artwork designs, with 500 units of each.


Collingwood Sommerset

The Collingwood Scented Candle Tube comes in a sleek design with a sturdy metal cap, providing a sophisticated packaging option for those who appreciate luxury candles.


Cairn Candle Co

Cairn Candle Co.'s eco-friendly telescopic cardboard tubes, crafted from 100% recycled Kraft card with CMYK printing and no lamination, are fully recyclable and well-liked for glass-contained items because of their sturdy double-thickness walls.


The Chelsea Candle Company

Two separate cylindrical paper containers, measuring 125mm in height and 86mm in width, topped with 40mm thick lids, featuring embossed and foil decorations, and showcasing individual artwork designs.


Isle of Skye

The Isle of Sky tubes are tall containers that hold reed diffusers and have a distinctive design with a cutout at the bottom. They also have smaller tubes for candles, providing a stylish and compact packaging option.


Lilou et Loic London

The Lilou London Scented Candle Tube is a stylish telescopic container with a shiny finish, ideal for beautifully packaging scented candles.

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