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Cosmetic Packaging

Magellan specialises in manufacturing cosmetic packaging for marketing purpose or for retail sales. We help you make your designs and visions come to life. We are there for you every step of the way to create some eye-catching packaging fro your company.

Any style of tube we offer can be considered for your luxury tube packaging. Economic and outstanding tube packaging solutions at competitive prices. Cosmetics packaging is in such high demand, but that doesn't mean we just want to create as many as possible, we want to be the ones who makes your company stand out.

Cosmetic Packaging

Legology Butted Tubes

Magellan had a big project with Legology creating two sized butted tubes for their new cosmetics collection. Full CMYK print, rolled ends and matt lamination were added creating that extra WOW factor.

One specialty that we recommended was the ribbon to be placed onto the lid of the cardboard tube, Legology went with this design which turned out amazing. The design was well thought out with a lot of colour co-ordination and effects kept in mind to match both the brand and their marketing strategies.

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Legology Butted Tubes

Cosmetic Printed Tubes


Laura Lane Cosmetics

The Laura Lane brush tubes come in two sizes to accommodate different brush sets, providing easy storage and organisation for a variety of makeup brushes.


CBD Fuel

The CBD Tube is a small, sturdy conduit made for city settings, with compact butted tubes that boost strength and maximise space efficiency.


Filter by Molly Mae

The Filter by Molly Mae Tanning Mousse Tube is a telescopic tube made for effortless dispensing and storage, perfect for achieving a smooth tan application.

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