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Custom Printed Eco Tubes

At Luxury Tube Packaging, we're dedicated to crafting eco-friendly packaging for our valued clients. To make your tube packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, we suggest using uncoated paper without any lining, ensuring full recyclability. Ideal materials like cardboard or natural brown craft paper not only enhance the structural integrity and visual appeal but also align with our sustainability goals.

If you'd like to add a personalised touch to your eco-tubes, we recommend using soy inks. This not only boosts the visual appeal but also ensures that your packaging remains entirely recyclable, supporting a more eco-friendly approach to packaging solutions.

500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for all tubes!

Custom Printed Eco Tubes

Coral Eyewear Eco Tube

Coral Eyewear is an example of a company who wanted both a butted tube but for it to also be eco-friendly.

The company is extraordinary and created the frames for their glasses from recycled materials such as rescued fish nets. Because of this, we used brown Kraft paper that is uncoated to make it fully recyclable. Everything was extremeley thought out as both us and our client wanted the reflect the packaging to the brand which is all about sustainability. 

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Coral Eyewear Eco Tube

Eco-Friendly Tubes


Cairn Candle Co

Cairn Candle Co.'s eco-friendly telescopic cardboard tubes, made from 100% recycled Kraft card with CMYK printing and no lamination, are fully recyclable and popular for glass-contained products due to their double-thickness walls.


Brixton Distillery

Custom branded cylindrical cardboard tubes made with reinforced ends, sized to fit bottles measuring approximately 217mm in height and 80mm in diameter, featuring uncoated brown kraft paper and CMYK printing.


BePURE Collagen+

The BePURE tube is a sustainable food-grade container that expands and contracts, has an aluminum lining, adjustable lid height, perfect for storing collagen powder, maintaining freshness, and can be personalised with vibrant printing and a smooth finish.

Our Case Studies



Custom-printed tubes with grease-proof lining and strong build for their Balsa Balls, ensuring safety; with CMYK colours and matte lamination on black

Chiltern Firehouse

Custom tubes reflecting its charm and elegance, with CMYK print on uncoated paper, a red tassel, and blind embossing for luxury

Coral Eyewear

Coral Eyewear wanted eco-friendly packaging, so we made recyclable tubes from brown Kraft paper to reflect their commitment to sustainability.

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