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EDEN Treats Butted Tubes 

Established in 2015 by Jon and Rosie Winter, EDEN Treats is a small business known for offering top-quality liqueurs and hampers that cater to vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets. Through close collaboration with artisan food producers, Jon and Rosie ensure that their customers receive the finest foods and ingredients.

In addition to their exceptional products, EDEN Treats has earned acclaim as award winners for their hampers, a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their recognition includes a feature in GLAMOUR Magazine's Top 50 Luxury Hampers, further solidifying their reputation in the industry. We were thrilled to partner with EDEN Treats to create bespoke printed tube packaging for their newest hampers, reflecting their dedication to quality and luxury.

EDEN Treats Butted Tubes

Premium Drinks Packaging 

EDEN Treats approached us seeking branded tubes for their plant-based EDEN Gin Liqueurs, aiming to create occasion gift packaging with a luxurious feel consistent with their products. Our primary objective was to meticulously consider every aspect, from the choice of materials to the smallest details, to achieve a glistening finish that aligned with their logo.

We were tasked with creating four distinct tube designs to offer customers a choice when pairing their Liqueur. Additionally, the designs were crafted to complement each other when displayed together. To fulfill EDEN Treats' commitment to sustainability, we opted for cardboard cylinder packaging made from recyclable materials. Our decision to create eco-friendly butted tubes with rolled ends not only enhanced aesthetics but also prevented paper peeling, ensuring a polished presentation.

Premium Drinks Packaging

Printed Branded Tubes

We produced four distinct designs on tubes of the same dimensions: 200mm in height and 81mm in diameter externally, with internal dimensions of 190mm in height and 76mm in diameter. These designs, featuring messages such as "Happy Birthday," "Thank You," "With Love," and "Merry Christmas," were executed using CMYK printing. Each printed tube was embellished with gold foil stamping to match the brand's logo, and finished with matt lamination, imparting a luxurious and unique feel to the custom print.

The outcome was met with satisfaction from all parties involved. The cardboard tube packaging housed their finest plant-based liqueurs, which were available for individual sale or included within their exquisite hampers. Not only did the EDEN paper tube packaging allow for a personalised appearance, but it also provided an additional layer of security for the products, ensuring they arrived in pristine condition to delighted customers.


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