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Health & Fitness Packaging

When packaging health and fitness products, versatility counts. We offer diverse tube options for protein powders, supplements, or capsules, ensuring your products stand out. Sleek designs add a touch of sophistication for a minimalist aesthetic, while vibrant packaging captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

We specialise in customised solutions that mirror your brand's essence. With our expertise, you can explore our tube options, each crafted to boost your brand's image and appeal. Whether you seek elegance, vibrancy, or a blend of both, we're here to find the ideal packaging solution that aligns with your brand identity and boosts your product's success.

Health and Fitness Packaging

Gordon Watkins

Gordon Watkins recently introduced Sea Moss health capsules and required small food-grade tubes for widespread distribution. These personalised tubes, equipped with metal lids and aluminum foil lining, not only maintain the freshness of the capsules but also align seamlessly with his brand's aesthetic.

Building on the triumph of his first order, Gordon broadened his product line with new capsule designs showcasing vibrant printing and a matt finish. If you're in search of packaging solutions customised to your requirements, feel free to contact us today for personalised assistance.

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Gordon Watkins Health Tubes

Planet Superfood

A plant-based product company entrusted us to design their bespoke packaging, drawn by our proven track record of quality and innovation, aligning with their commitment to GMO-free, additive-free goods. They required branded tubes for a range of products, including protein bars and snacks. With careful attention to detail, we customised the tubes to guarantee a perfect fit and durability, utilising seven artwork files and vibrant CMYK printing to highlight their brand identity.

Despite the scale of the order, we maintained stringent standards, underscoring our unwavering dedication to excellence and sustainability. This partnership exemplifies how collaborative efforts can drive progress towards a healthier, more environmentally friendly future.

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Planet Superfood

kALLA Printed Packaging

For KALLA, a leading supplements company focused on gut health, we provided comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to their needs. For their printed tube packaging, we created custom-branded tubes with a sleek design and food-grade materials, ensuring both safety and style. Our rigid board boxes featured premium paper, easy-to-use silk pull ribbons, and vibrant colours, reflecting KALLA's commitment to quality and innovation.

Additionally, our branded mailing boxes were made from durable cardboard with tear-off strips for convenient opening. With cohesive branding and attention to detail, our solutions helped KALLA enhance their brand visibility and streamline shipping logistics, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted provider of top-quality supplements.

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KALLA Printed Packaging

Health and Fitness Packaging



Stoic Branded Tubes measure 300mm tall, 305mm long (including caps), with a diameter of 120mm and a thickness of 1.5mm.



Miyu Tea provides a food-grade tube suitable for storing tea, which also matches their cosmetics packaging.


Source by Nutrition

The telescopic food-grade tube ensures the safekeeping and preservation of dietary supplements, providing versatility and assurance for packaging nutritional products.


BePURE Collagen+

This eco-friendly food-grade container is crafted from Kraft paper and includes a telescopic lid for adjusting height. It comes with a peel-and-seal lid lined with aluminum, and is decorated with a colorful custom CMYK print and a matte laminated finish.

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