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KALLA Printed Tubes

Client Overview:
KALLA is a leading provider of supplements dedicated to promoting a healthy gut and overall well-being. With a commitment to quality and innovation, KALLA strives to deliver premium products that support digestive health and enhance the overall vitality of its customers.

The Challenge:
KALLA came to us needing various types of packaging, including printed tubes, sturdy boxes, and mailing boxes. Each packaging type needed to reflect the brand's commitment to excellence, ensuring both functional integrity and aesthetic appeal.

KALLA Printed Tubes

Printed Butted Tubes

To meet KALLA's specifications for printed tube packaging, we crafted custom-branded butted tubes with rolled ends, ensuring a sleek and professional appearance. These tubes were constructed from food-grade material with a grease-proof lining and metal cap, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the supplements. Utilising 150gsm white kraft paper, we implemented PANTONE printing with soybean ink for vibrant and eco-friendly branding.

Each tube was tailored to accommodate different dimensions, with internal measurements varying for each product. The inner tubes were carefully crafted with rolled edges, blending practicality with a pleasing look.

Printed Butted Tubes

7 Styles of Tubes



Cycle Sync (Small & Large)

REF: 16663

Internal dims: H45mm x D48mm
External sizing: H50mm x D56mm


Prebiotic Blend

REF: 16925

Internal dims: H120mm x D90mm
External dims: H140mm x D99mm


Natural Fertility (For Her)

REF: 16663

Internal dims: H45mm x D48mm
External sizing: H50mm x D56mm


Hormones & Me

REF: 15736

Internal dims: H130mm x D48mm
External dims: H150mm x D56mm


Calm & Me

REF: 15736

Internal dims: H130mm x D48mm
External dims: H150mm x D56mm


Natural Fertility (For Him)

REF: 16663

Internal dims: H45mm x D48mm
External sizing: H50mm x D56mm


Printed Rigid Board Boxes

For KALLA's rigid board boxes, we opted for TAKEO Satogami 90-gram paper, renowned for its premium quality and durability. The slipcase and tray design ensured ease of access while maintaining structural integrity. With internal tray dimensions of W78mm x L188mm x D38mm, the boxes were constructed from 2mm board, providing robust protection for the supplements.

A silk pull ribbon in white facilitated effortless handling, while the fitment featured a debossed logo, seamlessly integrated with the paper covering. The use of MIND & MOOD paper in grayish violet, RELIEF paper in light green, and IMMUNE HEALTH paper in rust contributed to a visually striking and cohesive packaging solution.


Mailing Boxes

To fulfill KALLA's requirements for branded mailing boxes, we utilised E-fluted corrugated kraft cardboard, ensuring both strength and eco-friendliness. The external dimensions of 290mm x 200mm x 65mm provided ample space for the supplements while maintaining compactness for efficient shipping. A tear-off strip facilitated easy opening for recipients, enhancing user experience. The boxes were printed with a single color both inside and outside, reinforcing the brand identity. Additionally, a removable cardboard fitment ensured secure transit, while flat packing minimised storage space and shipping costs.

By delivering tailored packaging solutions that encompassed printed tube packaging, rigid board boxes, and mailing boxes, we empowered KALLA to enhance brand visibility, ensure product safety, and streamline shipping logistics. The cohesive branding and attention to detail showcased KALLA's commitment to excellence, reinforcing its position as a trusted provider of premium supplements for digestive health and overall well-being.


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