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Single Printed Tubes

Single Tubes are renowned for their exceptional quality and are characterised by their unibody construction, consisting of a single, seamless piece. These branded tubes find frequent utility in the storage and presentation of alcohol bottles.

For customisation, you can add a cardboard cap at the bottom and a durable metal cap at the top of these tubes. You also have the choice between plastic and metal caps, but please note that there's a minimum order requirement for plastic caps. If you choose metal caps, keep in mind that they come in specific sizes, which might limit your options. Luckily, Magellan is here to help you pick the right sizes and materials for your needs.

500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for all tubes!

Single Printed Tubes

Golf & Co Single Tubes

Golf & Co, a high-end fragrance brand, enhanced their packaging by designing custom-branded single tubes with metal end caps. The first set included 865 units of Orange Blossom, Fig, and Iris & Bergamot scents, featuring silver aluminum covers embossed/debossed with a one-colour logo. Subsequent orders, differing in size and scent, maintained the sophisticated design, highlighting the brand's commitment to excellence.

Collaborating closely with their packaging supplier, Golf & Co introduced two more sets, ensuring their products remained distinctive in the competitive luxury market with personalised branding and practical storage choices.

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Golf & Co Single Tubes

Sophie Tea Art

Sophie Tea Art reached out to us with a vision of designing individual containers capable of safely housing her unique artworks, which would be shipped to her customers around the globe.

To make these containers truly exceptional, we crafted a stunning holographic logo that was elegantly replicated on each and every tube. We went a step further by creating three distinct sizes of these cardboard tubes, ensuring they could accommodate the varying dimensions of her artwork creations. As a special touch, we meticulously embossed her logo onto the metal lids, adding an extra layer of sophistication and personalisation to the packaging.

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Sophie Tea Art

Single Printed Tubes


Celtic Renewables

We manufactured Celtic Renewable single tubes featuring metal caps, tailored specifically for 70cl whiskey packaging, with internal dimensions of H307mm x D81mm, adorned with CMYK print and a matte varnish finish.


Collingwood Sommerset

The Collingwood Scented Candle Tube features a single design with a durable metal cap, offering an elegant packaging solution for luxury candle enthusiasts.


Guramishvili's Marani

The Georgian Wine Tube features a single design with an embossed metal cap, offering a touch of elegance to wine packaging.



The Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whiskey tube boasts premium packaging featuring a single tube design with an embossed metal cap.



McKinleys offers cocktail single branded tubes measuring 300mm in height, 305mm in length (actual length including caps), with a diameter of 120mm and a thickness of 1.5mm.


Ben Bracken

The Ben Bracken Small Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Tube features a single design with a metal cap, providing a sleek and convenient packaging option for whiskey enthusiasts.

Our Case Studies


Gordon Watkins

Carefully designed tubes with vibrant prints and a sleek finish that reflect the brand, ensuring safety, enhancing the customer experience, and promoting well-being.

Speaker Hoyle's

Custom tubes for their bottles, ensuring protection and brand consistency, with careful design and printing techniques adding elegance.

Maison Macolat

Magellan produced 290mm x 76mm luxury branded butted tubes with gold foiling for Maison Macolat.

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