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Wick and Tallow Telescopic

Wick & Tallow, a luxury candle brand renowned for their high-quality products, approached us with a unique challenge: they required custom branded telescopic tubes to package their exquisite candles. With specific dimensions in mind, they needed a solution that would perfectly accommodate their candle size while reflecting their brand's aesthetic and luxury appeal.

Understanding their requirements, we crafted bespoke telescopic tubes with internal dimensions of H100mm x D85mm, tailored precisely to fit their candles measuring H93mm x D82mm. The telescopic design allowed for easy access to the candles while ensuring a snug fit for secure packaging during transit.

Wick and Tallow Telescopic Tubes

Spot UV Printed Tubes

To capture Wick & Tallow's sophisticated brand identity, we opted for a sleek black matt print with a repeat SPOT UV finish for both the inner and outer tubes.

This combination not only enhanced the visual appeal of the packaging but also provided a tactile experience, reinforcing the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail. The matt finish added a subtle elegance, further elevating the overall presentation of the candles within the tubes.

Spot UV Printed Tubes

Telescopic Tubes 

The result was a packaging solution that seamlessly integrated with Wick & Tallow's branding while effectively protecting and showcasing their candles. The custom telescopic tubes not only met their functional requirements but also exceeded their expectations in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

With our collaboration, Wick & Tallow was able to enhance the perceived value of their products and leave a lasting impression on their customers, reinforcing their position as a leading luxury candle brand in the market.

Telescopic Tubes

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