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Butted Printed Tubes

Butted tubes are a popular style choice for packaging, offering versatility for various products like cosmetics, candles, and drinks. They consist of three parts: a base, inner spigot, and paper cap, with the option of rolled or unrolled ends (rolled being preferred). The length of the cap can be customised, often shorter than the base but adjustable to suit preferences.

Customisation offers flexibility in size, type, print, and design, with various finishes and materials available. Uncoated paper is often preferred for luxury tube packaging. See examples of past projects below.

500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for all tubes!

Butted Printed Tubes

EDEN Treats

EDEN Treats approached us to design custom butted tubes for their new plant-based liqueurs. We selected these tubes for their durability, ensuring the drinks stay secure during transportation and storage. To complement EDEN Treats' style, we adorned the tubes with vibrant designs.

In addition to aesthetics, we applied a sleek matte finish to enhance their appearance and shield them from harm. Paying attention to every detail, we incorporated shiny gold foil to highlight the prominent EDEN Treats logo. These cardboard tubes not only safeguard the liqueurs but also reflect the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional quality products.

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Eden Treats

Walt Disney

Luxury Tube Packaging joined forces with Walt Disney to celebrate Disney's 50th anniversary in style. Together, they designed custom printed tubes inspired by Disney's timeless magic, featuring personalised prints that captured the essence of Disney. These special tubes held treasures like a branded glass bottle, an exclusive invitation, and twinkling lights, creating a fairy tale atmosphere.

This collaboration between Luxury Tube Packaging and Disney transformed each invitation into a gateway to a magical celebration, where dreams came true and the enchantment of Disney came to life.

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Walt Disney


We created two different sizes of our high-quality tubes for Legology, highlighting our excellent workmanship. These custom-made tubes were made to fit Legology's new Christmas collection, which includes their innovative leg care items.

With deluxe details such as matt lamination, gold foiling, and ribbon bow decorations, these tubes had a classy vibe, ideal for the holiday time. These special additions boosted the packaging, bringing a sense of luxury and holiday spirit to Legology's products, giving them an extra touch of refinement.

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Coral Eyewear

Coral Eyewear had a simple goal: eco-friendly packaging to match their commitment to sustainability. We teamed up closely with them, focusing on every detail to ensure the packaging mirrored their values. Opting for recyclable brown Kraft paper for the tube showcased their dedication to the environment and sustainable practices.

Our partnership with Coral Eyewear went beyond business—it was a shared passion for sustainability. Seeing our packaging proudly showcased in stores was a moment of pride, knowing we were making a meaningful contribution to sustainable practices in retail.

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Coral Eyewear


Since 2016, Balsa, now located in Surrey, has been making handcrafted recipes inspired by their passion for wholesome foods. They specialise in natural sweet balls, with flavours like Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Pistachio Matcha, aiming to provide both energy and nutrients in a delicious snack. To uniquely package their Balsa Balls, they opted for custom-printed butted tubes with special features such as grease-proof lining and sturdy construction for safety.

These tubes, perfectly sized for various food items, offer practicality and peace of mind for consumers concerned about food packaging safety. By using CMYK colours and matte lamination, Balsa ensured a striking appearance for their packaging against a black backdrop. The internally rolled spigot adds to the tubes' sophistication and liveliness, resulting in an impressive final product that captures the essence of Balsa's brand.

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Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Farmhouse, a top-notch hotel in London, provides guests with an unforgettable experience. Collaborating closely with them, we designed special tubes to capture the hotel's charm and elegance. Each tube features custom CMYK printing on uncoated paper, inspired by the hotel's rich heritage, adding a touch of sophistication. We also included extras like a vibrant red tassel and subtle blind embossing on the lid for added luxury.

These printed cardboard tubes showcase Chiltern Farmhouse's dedication to detail and excellence, offering guests a glimpse into the warmth and hospitality that awaits them. From the moment guests receive their invitation in these special tubes, they are welcomed into a world of comfort and sophistication. It has been a privilege to partner with Chiltern Farmhouse, creating an experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit this exceptional hotel.

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Chiltern Firehouse

Gordon Watkins

Gordon's quest for wellness began by searching for small, food-safe tubes to hold their innovative Sea Moss health capsules. They created two unique designs that perfectly fit the branded tube size, bringing them to life with vibrant CMYK custom prints that reflect Gordon's brand essence with style and energy. A matt lamination adds a classy finish, making the tubes feel sleek and elegant.

These thoughtfully crafted tubes not only store Gordon's revolutionary health capsules but also demonstrate the company's focus on quality and creativity. They combine practicality with beauty, protecting the capsules while improving the overall customer experience. As Gordon promotes well-being through its Sea Moss capsules, these tubes symbolise the brand's dedication and enthusiasm.

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Gordon Watkins

Maison Macolat

Maison Macolat, famous for their delicious Belgian chocolate, teamed up with Luxury Tube Packaging to make their presentation even better. Together, they focused on showing Maison Macolat's luxury with carefully chosen printing and packaging that matched their elegant brand style.

The specially designed tubes made enjoying Maison Macolat's treats even more luxurious, showing off their opulence and sophistication. When the tubes were revealed, they not only displayed Maison Macolat's products but also made the chocolate experience truly extraordinary.

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Maison Macolat

Speaker Hoyle's

Speaker Hoyle, a renowned whiskey brand, sought packaging that reflected sophistication and excellence. They approached us, a leading packaging manufacturer, to craft custom printed tubes for their 5cl and 70cl bottles, ensuring both protection and uniformity. Using precise design and printing methods, we encapsulated Speaker Hoyle's brand essence, accentuated with gold foil and a matte varnish finish.

These tailored tubes seamlessly blend elegance with functionality, elevating both the brand image and consumer satisfaction. We remain devoted to providing Speaker Hoyle with inventive packaging solutions that mirror their commitment to superior quality.

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Speaker Hoyle's

Planet Superfood

A plant-based product company trusted us to create their custom packaging due to our track record of quality and innovation, which matched their dedication to GMO-free, additive-free goods. They needed branded tubes for various items like protein bars and snacks. We carefully made tubes to fit well and stay strong, using seven artwork files and bright CMYK printing to display their brand.

Even with a big order, we upheld strict standards, emphasizing our dedication to excellence and sustainability. This collaboration shows how teamwork can promote a healthier, more eco-friendly future.

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Planet Superfood

RNLI Life Boats

When RNLI wanted personalised donation branded tubes, they turned to us. We crafted sturdy tubes using thick white cardboard, complete with a coin slot for easy donations. Inside, foam padding was included to safeguard branded items such as t-shirts and keyrings.

Once assembled, we distributed the tubes to RNLI sites nationwide. Our commitment to sustainability ensured that the tubes could be reused for future charity donations, aligning with RNLI's environmental objectives.

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RNLI Lifeboats

Palmarae Gin

Palmarae Gin is a luxury brand that "pairs with paradise" with its exclusive gin aimed at high-end cocktails; they use a mix of fine botanicals and French distilling knowledge to create their distinctive gin. To complement this premium gin, they approached us for tube packaging that aligns with the elegance of their product while providing necessary protection, considering the gin is bottled in thick ceramic materials.

Understanding their need for sophisticated yet protective packaging, we focused on creating a design that not only enhances the gin's luxury appeal but also ensures its safety. The packaging had to be as refined as the gin itself, highlighting their commitment to quality and style, while also being sturdy enough to protect the ceramic bottles during transport.

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Palmare gin

Butted Tubes


Bloom Remedies

Custom branded tubes with rounded ends, measuring H90mm by D90mm internally, featuring full-colour CMYK printing with a matt laminate finish and foil detailing at one location, including two different artwork designs with 500 units of each.



The Jigsaw Puzzle Tube is crafted from a gloss butted tube for durability and aesthetic appeal. Its design combines functionality with a sleek finish for an engaging puzzle experience.


Miyu Tea

Miyu Tea offers a food-grade tube that not only serves for tea storage but also complements their cosmetics packaging.


The Trunk Bottle

Custom metal tubes with tapered edges and rounded ends, measuring H315mm x D90mm internally, featuring a single solid colour and white logo, finished with a matte laminate, designed to accommodate stainless steel bottles.



Stoic Branded Tubes have dimensions of 300mm in height, 305mm in length (including caps), a diameter of 120mm, and a thickness of 1.5mm.


The Chelsea Candle Company

Two distinct cylindrical paper containers, 125mm tall and 86mm wide, with 40mm thick lids, embossed and foil embellished, each boasting unique artwork designs.



Four designs, each printed 300 times, on custom butted tubes measuring 40mm in diameter and 220mm in height using CMYK printing.


CBD Fuel

The CBD Tube is a compact conduit designed for urban environments. It features small butted tubes for enhanced strength and efficiency in space usage.


The Scalascaig

The Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Tube has a strong and stylish design with quality craftsmanship, making it a sturdy container for storing your favourite whiskey.


Brixton Distillery

We create personalised cylindrical cardboard tubes with strong ends, designed to hold bottles around 217mm tall and 80mm wide, using uncoated brown kraft paper and CMYK printing.

The Telescopic Food Grade Tube securely holds dietary supplements, ensuring their safety and freshness, providing flexible and reliable packaging for nutritional products.

Our Case Studies


Golf and Co

The initial batch included 865 units each of Orange Blossom, Fig, and Iris & Bergamot scents, featuring embossed/debossed silver aluminum covers with a one-colour logo.

Wick and Tallow

Wick & Tallow, a luxury candle brand, relied on us to craft custom telescopic tubes for their premium candles, with a sleek black matte print and SPOT UV finish, elevating their product presentation and establishing them as a top-tier luxury brand.

Sophie Tea Art

We designed single tubes with holographic logos and stamped metal lids to package Sophie Tea Art's stunning artworks for global shipping, ensuring they arrive safely and stylishly to customers worldwide.

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