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Custom Food-grade Tubes

Our food-grade packaging ensures secure storage for your food, crafted with the highest quality standards to maintain freshness without harmful additives. Magellan assists in creating such packaging, also ideal for preserving items like bath bombs and salts until ready for use, keeping them dry and intact until enjoyed by consumers.

All of the custom food-grade tubes are made from non-toxic, odorless and tasteless materials. The food-grade tubes are made from food safe cardboard and the contents that is placed inside can be in direct contact with the materials as they food safe, so there is no need for any plastic. The materials will help keep your food in good, fresh condition.

Two different types of lining are available which is either aluminium or grease proof. Grease proof lining is more eco-friendly. Peel and seal lids or metals caps can be used for the tubes.  

500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for all tubes!

Custom Food-grade Tubes

Balsa Butted Tubes

Balsa wished to have a branded butted tube that was food-grade safe and include an extraordinary touch of a printed spigot. The lid was purposefully shorter so that you could see a section of the print and really made the overall design pop.

Grease proof lining and black internal caps were added to make this completely food safe. No plastic is needed as the food is able to come into contact with the materials that was used inside.

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Balsa Butted Tubes

Gordon Watkins 

Gordon Watkins recently launched Sea Moss health capsules and needed small food-grade tubes to distribute them widely. These custom printed tubes, with metal lids and aluminum foil lining, keep the capsules fresh while looking sleek to match his brand.

Impressed by the success of his initial order, Gordon expanded his range with new capsule designs, featuring vibrant printing and a matt finish. If you're seeking packaging solutions tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us today for personalised assistance.

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Gordon Watkins

Food-Grade Tubes


BePURE Collagen+

The BePURE tube is an eco-friendly food-grade container with a telescopic design, aluminum lining, and customisable lid height, ideal for storing collagen powder and keeping it fresh with a colourful custom print and matte finish.



Stoic Branded Tubes measure 300mm in height, 305mm in length (actual length including caps), with a diameter of 120mm and a thickness of 1.5mm.


Collagen Co

The Collagen Co's Strawberry Watermelon Tube features a telescopic design with a convenient peel-and-seal lid and durable metal cap, keeping the blend fresh and offering extra collagen benefits for convenience.


Source By Nutrition

The Telescopic Food Grade Tube securely holds dietary supplements, ensuring their safety and freshness, providing flexible and reliable packaging for nutritional products.

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Matte lamination, gold foiling, and ribbon decorations, elevating the packaging to add elegance and festive charm.

RNLI Lifeboats

Custom donation tubes from us, reinforced with durable white cardboard, a coin slot, protective foam for items like t-shirts and keyrings, aligning with RNLI's environmental goals through reuse for charity donations.

Planet Superfood

Branded tubes for their protein bars and snacks; we crafted vibrant tubes, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and sustainability, and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future through partnership.

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