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Printed Tube Options

At Luxury Tube Packaging, we offer custom presentation tubes of the highest quality at affordable prices, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 units. Our printed tubes are in high demand across various industries like drinks and cosmetics packaging, providing both promotion and protection for your products.

Choose from three main tube styles:
1. Butted Tubes: Durable and elegant, crafted using advanced technology.
2. Telescopic Tubes: Adjustable lengths to suit different products.
3. Single Tubes: Sleek and simple, perfect for various presentations and drinks products.

In addition, we offer two specialised options:
- Eco Tubes: Made from sustainable materials, reducing your carbon footprint.
- Food-Grade Tubes: Ensuring safety and hygiene for edible items or products in direct contact with food.

Luxury Tube Packaging is committed to providing premium printed tube solutions tailored to your brand and product needs.

PRINTED Tube Options

3 Main Branded Tube Styles



Butted Tubes


Single Tubes


Telescopic Tubes


Butted Cardboard Tubes

Butted Cardboard Tubes consist of three parts which are the top lid, the tube base and the inner spigot.

The top lid usually consists of a paper cap that you can have either rolled or unrolled ends. Rolled ends are ours and our customers preferred option, as it provides a more luxury finish and helps prevent any damage when constantly opening and closing the lids.

Everything can be customised on these cardboard tubes with the choice of multiple finishing options and additional features that can be added for that extra WOW factor. As for the actual tube itself, there are few materials you can chose from. Uncoated paper is one of the standard finishes for luxury printed tube packaging.

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Custom Printed Eco-Tubes

Eco-friendly paper tubes are the newest and most effective way to promote your brand in the luxury tube packaging world. Choosing these types of tubes can not only help the environment but can show to your customers that your company and your missions are keeping in mind the impact it has on the planet. 

We do have options of promotional tubes that are 100% fully recyclable. To make sure it is 100% recyclable, uncoated paper with no lamination will need to be used and any customised printing used would be done with soy ink. 

Most company's we work with will use matt lamination or certain custom printing as it can make their design look more luxurious. However they will make sure the rest of the tube is created from eco-friendly materials. We can also help you if you need advice on our eco-friendly options.

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Custom Food-Grade Tubes

Food-Grade presentation packaging is the most effective way to showcase your newest produce off that stores it securely at the highest of qualities. Your produce will be kept fresh in our luxury packaging with non-toxic, odorless and tasteless materials. The materials are not harmful and can be in direct contact with the food itself so there is no need for any unnecessary plastic.

Food-grade tubes aren't just for food, they can also be used for things such as bath bombs, bath salts. Those types of products are of a specific consistency that can be easily changed by water. Aluminium foil lining is an example of how we would prevent water from coming into contact with those types of products.

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Custom Food-Grade Tubes

Telescopic Printed Tubes

This bespoke printed tube is essentially two components with one that slips onto the other. One is slightly larger in diameter so that it is able to be placed on top, acting like a lid. The lid can be any length as long as it is slightly wider to nest on top.

Both pieces can be fully customised with a CMYK print with either a matt or gloss finish. Two pieces means more branding area to promote more information or images on, and two seperate designs can be used. Telescopic cardboard tubes are great for candles and cosmetic packaging.

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 Telescopic Printed tubes

Single Branded Tubes

Our Single Tubes are most popular with premium drinks packaging mainly due to it being able to hold a heavy product inside. The tubes are a high-quality one piece solid tube with a cap on top. The caps can be a cardboard end cap on the base as well as metal caps. 

When getting metal caps you need to consider they only come in specific sizes so you will need to adjust the diameter of the tube to fit the cap. We can always help you do any size changes or just give you advice on your options.

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Single Branded Tubes

Branding Options & Extra's

The finishing's including branding options and extra's are such an important process in designing and marketing your company. Every company should have those additional unique features to stand out from the crowd. From start to finish every aspect needs to be thought out carefully from the print, colour, lid decorations like ribbons, embossing, foil stamping, laminations and types of finishing's.

We are happy to provide you with any recommendations for the specific tubes you desire and assist if you have any further questions about anything or would like to make an enquiry then contact us today. We want to help you bring your company's visions to life!

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 Branding Options & Extra's

Our Case Studies



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EDEN Treats and Magellan produced branded butted tubes for their plant based liqueurs. These are being sold seperatley or placed inside hampers.

Walt Disney

500 custom butted tubes were created by Magellan for Walt Disneys 50th anniversary.

Maison Macolat

Magellan produced 290mm x 76mm luxury branded butted tubes with gold foiling for Maison Macolat.

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